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WATCH: Pro­fes­sor Lee Berg­er explains the new Homo nale­di discovery

Sci­en­tists today announced a ground­break­ing new Homo nale­di dis­cov­ery at Maropeng. Watch Ris­ing Star expe­di­tion leader Pro­fes­sor Lee Berg­er explain the new finds.

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How Cit­i­zen Sci­ence Changed the Way Fukushi­ma Radi­a­tion is Reported

Pho­tos By Ari Beser Tokyo – It appears the world-chang­ing event didn’t change any­thing, and it’s disappointing,”said Pieter Franken, a researcher at Keio Uni­ver­si­ty in Japan (Wide Project), the MIT Media Lab (Civic Media Cen­tre), and co-founder of Safe­cast, a cit­i­zen-sci­ence net­work ded­i­cat­ed to the mea­sure­ment and dis­tri­b­u­tion of accu­rate lev­els of radi­a­tion around the…

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What Can We Learn From Homo naledi’s Skull?

From the tip of the jaw to the top of the head, remains from five nale­di skulls pro­vide tan­ta­liz­ing ear­ly hints about the lives of these new­ly found ancient human relatives.
06 Homo Naledi Foot Figure Peter Schmid Cc By

Homo naledi’s Nike-Ready Foot

See how ear­ly in the exca­va­tion, a sin­gle ankle bone was able to show researchers that Homo nale­di was walk­ing com­fort­ably on two feet.
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Homo naledi’s Pow­er­ful Hand Up Close

With an incred­i­bly mus­cu­lar thumb and curved fin­gers for pow­er­ful grip­ping, the new­ly found Homo nale­di could have giv­en today’s rock climbers like Alex Hon­nold a run (or a climb) for their money.
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How the Nale­di Team Solved a 1,550-Piece Puzzle

With Africa’s largest hominin fos­sil find unearthed and in the lab, Lee Berg­er called in experts and ear­ly-career sci­en­tists for an inno­v­a­tive work­shop to fig­ure out just what they’d found.

(1) Homo Naledi  Cc John Hawks Wits University

Homo nale­di: 1,500 Fos­sils Rev­o­lu­tion­ize Human Fam­i­ly Tree

Two years after being dis­cov­ered deep in a South African cave, the 1,500 fos­sils exca­vat­ed dur­ing the Ris­ing Star Expe­di­tion have been iden­ti­fied as belong­ing to a pre­vi­ous­ly unknown ear­ly human rel­a­tive that sci­en­tists have named Homo naledi.”

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Sci­en­tists announce ground­break­ing dis­cov­ery at Maropeng

The world’s eyes are on Maropeng, where a team of sci­en­tists from around the world have announced the dis­cov­ery of a new species, Homo nale­di. An intrigu­ing ancient species, that it seems, was aware of its own mor­tal­i­ty, a trait that has been thought to be unique to humans.

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Wrap­ping Up Round Two

By Bec­ca Peixot­to, Caver/​Scientist. In only eight days of dig­ging, we retrieved more than 320 num­bered fos­sil spec­i­mens and an awful lot of sed­i­ment. Don’t wor­ry: there’s plen­ty more.

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Young Vis­i­tor Helps Recov­er First Top Jaw From the Site

Prin­ci­pal exca­va­tor Bec­ca Peixot­to reports back on this week’s activ­i­ty at the Ris­ing Star hominin fos­sil cave site.

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What’s New at This Week’s Excavation

Dis­cov­er what’s new about this expe­di­tion return­ing to the hominin fos­sil cham­ber at Ris­ing Star.

Rising Star Maxillo Hominin Fossil March 2014

A crit­i­cal piece of the hominin puzzle

The team is back in the cave to recov­er a tan­ta­liz­ing piece of upper jaw and oth­er fos­sils in prepa­ra­tion for the ground­break­ing work­shop to begin in May.
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Sci­en­tists return to explore a sec­ond fos­sil chamber

On the final day of the Ris­ing Star cave exca­va­tions in Novem­ber of 2013, researchers con­firmed that a sec­ond cham­ber also con­tained hominin fos­sils. Now they return for a clos­er examination.

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Ris­ing Star Pho­to Wins Aus­tralian Archae­ol­o­gy Award

Next time you pic­ture a sci­en­tist at work on a com­put­er, skip the white-walled lab­o­ra­to­ry, and think of this instead.

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A Bone in Hand Is Worth Ten in a Book

When you’re try­ing to under­stand all that a few bones can tell us about our ear­ly hominid ances­tors, there’s no sub­sti­tute for hands-on expe­ri­ence with the fos­sils them­selves, says under­ground astro­naut” Elen Feuerriegel.

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A Voice From the Cave: Lee Berg­er on the NG Week­end Radio Show

After weeks of minute-by-minute updates from the field, Lee Berg­er final­ly tells the sto­ry of his lat­est hominid dis­cov­ery from in its entirety.

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Final Day of Excavations

This three-week mis­sion is now draw­ing to a close, but the mag­ni­tude of the ear­ly hominid dis­cov­ery on the Ris­ing Star Expe­di­tion means this sto­ry is far from over. See how the saga will continue.

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The Jour­ney Into Darkness

Lead caver Rick Hunter offers his reflec­tions on the oth­er­world­ly jour­ney from day­light to the fos­sil cham­ber and back.

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Field Trip to Malapa

The exca­va­tors and cavers get a day off to explore the near­by site where Lee Berg­er dis­cov­ered the first remains of Aus­tralo­p­ithe­cus sediba.

Know Your Hominid Skulls

Dis­cov­er the key fea­tures that guide sci­en­tists as they work to iden­ti­fy skull pieces recov­ered on the Ris­ing Star Expedition.

The View From a Caver/​Scientist

By Elen Feuer­riegel 20th Novem­ber 2013 The day starts (offi­cial­ly) at 6am. I’m up a lit­tle ear­li­er this morn­ing. Crawl out of my sleep­ing bag and tent to the sight of Lee Berg­er bound­ing around. Lee is a Morn­ing Per­son. Mari­na has been up since the predawn. Typ­i­cal­ly, she is the one who organ­is­es and…

Video: Tak­ing a Beat­ing for Science

Climb­ing, squeez­ing, drag­ging, and push­ing your­self through tiny pas­sages in a cave can take a seri­ous toll on your body. The cavers and sci­en­tists of the Ris­ing Star Expe­di­tion though are will­ing to bash and bruise them­selves to recov­er the bro­ken bones of untold num­bers of ancient hominids.
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We’re Gonna Need a Big­ger Tent

After a day off, the team is eager to get back in the cave, and the hominids seem just as eager to get out. The fos­sil count jumps to 400 and the pop cul­ture ref­er­ences ensue.

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What We Know and Don’t Know So Far

John Hawks explains why the biggest ques­tions about the site of the new hominid fos­sil dis­cov­ery still have no answers, and why that makes this one of the most impor­tant stages of research.