Cuban Vp And Castro Statue

Cuban vice president visits Maropeng

Inez Maria Chapman Waugh, the Vice President of Cuba, visited Maropeng with a delegation of 28 guests on Saturday 30 April for a tour of the Almost Human and Long March to Freedom exhibitions.

Maropeng Voucher

Five reasons why Maropeng needs to be on your itinerary this December

Putting together holiday plans? Here are five reasons why Maropeng should definitely be on your list of things to do …


‘Little Foot’ offers lessons for the modern world

Professor Ron Clarke talked to us about the significance of the most complete Australopithecus skeleton ever found. “Little Foot” was unveiled at Maropeng for an event on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit last week.

(5) Neo Skeleton Lesedi Chamber

All systems go for historic exhibition at Maropeng

Scientists and researchers are busy putting finishing touches on a world-first exhibition set to be unveiled at Maropeng on Thursday. The Almost Human exhibition will be the largest-ever public display of hominin fossils in the world.

(6) Neo Skull Frontal View

Historic new Homo naledi discoveries unveiled at Maropeng

A new historic chapter of the Homo naledi saga has been unveiled at Maropeng today. Scientists from around the world, who were behind the landmark discovery of the new species, Homo naledi in 2015, have announced new discoveries from the Rising Star Cave system – the richest fossil hominin site in Africa.

(11) Professor Lee Berger

WATCH: Professor Lee Berger explains the new Homo naledi discovery

Scientists today announced a groundbreaking new Homo naledi discovery at Maropeng. Watch Rising Star expedition leader Professor Lee Berger explain the new finds.

06 Homo Naledi Foot Figure Peter Schmid Cc By

Homo naledi discovery hailed as one of 2015’s scientific milestones

Scientists and researchers all over our amazing planet are constantly making new discoveries that will impact the lives of the 7.3-billion humans who occupy Earth.
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Musical farewell for Homo naledi

All roads led to Maropeng this weekend as hundreds of visitors turned out for the Naledi Farewell Concert, held on the final day of the hugely popular five-week Homo naledi exhibition.
Dinaledi Hand And Foot Cc Peter Schmid  William Harcourt Smith, Wits University

More research into Dinaledi find reveals fascinating details

The latest papers on Homo naledi, published in scientific journal Nature Communications recently, take a closer look at the fossilised hands and feet. Thanks to the fossils’ location, deep inside an almost-inaccessible cave known as the Dinaledi Chamber, they have been spectacularly preserved, and thus are ideal specimens for study.
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What Can We Learn From Homo naledi’s Skull?

From the tip of the jaw to the top of the head, remains from five naledi skulls provide tantalizing early hints about the lives of these newly found ancient human relatives.
06 Homo Naledi Foot Figure Peter Schmid Cc By

Homo naledi’s Nike-Ready Foot

See how early in the excavation, a single ankle bone was able to show researchers that Homo naledi was walking comfortably on two feet.
Naledi Wits Vault 8

Homo naledi’s Powerful Hand Up Close

With an incredibly muscular thumb and curved fingers for powerful gripping, the newly found Homo naledi could have given today’s rock climbers like Alex Honnold a run (or a climb) for their money.
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How the Naledi Team Solved a 1,550-Piece Puzzle

With Africa’s largest hominin fossil find unearthed and in the lab, Lee Berger called in experts and early-career scientists for an innovative workshop to figure out just what they’d found.

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The day Homo naledi took over the world

News of humankind’s newest ancestor, Homo naledi, took the world by storm yesterday. Fossils of the new human ancestor were released at Maropeng on Thursday. Excitement mounted as the news took over social media channels and the world’s top new sites. Here’s a snapshot of the excitement.
(1) Homo Naledi  Cc John Hawks Wits University

Homo naledi: 1,500 Fossils Revolutionize Human Family Tree

Two years after being discovered deep in a South African cave, the 1,500 fossils excavated during the Rising Star Expedition have been identified as belonging to a previously unknown early human relative that scientists have named “Homo naledi.”

Naledi 3D Print 5

Scientists announce groundbreaking discovery at Maropeng

The world’s eyes are on Maropeng, where a team of scientists from around the world have announced the discovery of a new species, Homo naledi. An intriguing ancient species, that it seems, was aware of its own mortality, a trait that has been thought to be unique to humans.

Professor Lee R  Berger Paleoanthropologist Rising Star Cave 2

WATCH LIVE: History in the making at Maropeng

A team of scientists from around the world is making a ground breaking announcement at Maropeng this morning. Watch it live here.