Davorka Radovcic And Mana Dembo Examining Skull At Rising Star Workshop

Being locat­ed in the Cra­dle of Humankind World Her­itage Site – one of the world’s rich­est fos­sil sites – means that Maropeng and the Sterk­fontein Caves are both sit­u­at­ed close to active sci­en­tif­ic dig sites, where researchers are painstak­ing­ly recon­struct­ing humanity’s com­plex ori­gin story. 

Our sites are often vis­it­ed by world-renowned experts in the field, and we have host­ed major sci­en­tif­ic announce­ments, such as the dis­cov­ery of Lit­tle Foot”, Homo nale­di and Aus­tralo­p­ithe­cus sediba.