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The uni­verse was formed about 14-bil­lion years ago. The Earth is about 4.6-billion years old.

Life first emerged about 3.8-billion years ago. Our jour­ney begins in South Africa, where fos­sils of some of the ear­li­est known life forms on Earth have been found.

South Africa has yield­ed fos­sils of some of the ear­li­est known dinosaurs, dat­ing back at least 200-mil­lion years.

Fos­sils of our dis­tant mam­mal-like ances­tors, which lived more than 200-mil­lion years ago, have also been found in South Africa.

Africa is the birth­place of humankind. This is where our col­lec­tive umbil­i­cal cord lies buried.

Hominids – the ances­tors of mod­ern humans – first emerged about sev­en mil­lion years ago, in Africa.

Many sig­nif­i­cant fos­sil finds have been made in the Cra­dle of Humankind World Her­itage Site, includ­ing the famous fos­sils Mrs Ples” and Lit­tle Foot”.

The first stone tools were made and used in Africa, at least 2.6-million years ago.

Our ances­tors were able to use and con­trol fire at least one mil­lion years ago in the Cra­dle of Humankind.

Homo sapi­ens, the species to which we all belong, evolved in Africa approx­i­mate­ly 200 000 years ago.

Africa ignit­ed humankind’s imag­i­na­tion. Some of the old­est rock art in the world has been dis­cov­ered in South­ern Africa.

All of human­i­ty shares an African her­itage. We are one diverse species across the globe, with our roots in Africa.

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