The Blom­bos Cave dis­cov­ery and the ori­gins of symbolism

A new dis­cov­ery in Blom­bos Cave in the West­ern Cape pos­es fas­ci­nat­ing ques­tions about the ori­gins of mod­ern human behaviour. 


Cra­dle Colour Fest VIP tick­et com­pe­ti­tion — Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and con­di­tions for our VIP tick­et give­away on Facebook

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A feast of tal­ent in store for the Cra­dle Colour Fest

Musi­cians, dancers, dee­jays and fash­ion design­ers are all part of the line-up for the inau­gur­al Cra­dle Colour Fest.

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Five rea­sons to come to the Cra­dle Colour Fest

Here’s why the Cra­dle Colour Fest should be top of your list when you’re con­sid­er­ing plans for Her­itage Day …


Lit­tle Foot’ offers lessons for the mod­ern world

Pro­fes­sor Ron Clarke talked to us about the sig­nif­i­cance of the most com­plete Aus­tralo­p­ithe­cus skele­ton ever found. Lit­tle Foot” was unveiled at Maropeng for an event on the side­lines of the BRICS Sum­mit last week.


BRICS lead­ers take a vir­tu­al tour of Maropeng

A strik­ing bal­let per­for­mance, a whirl­wind vir­tu­al tour and his­toric hand­prints were all part of a spe­cial BRICS event at Maropeng. The vis­it via satel­lite link was includ­ed in the BRICS Sum­mit, which took place in Johan­nes­burg this week.


Five fun things to do in the Cra­dle of Humankind in winter

Win­ter is in full swing and will be with us for some time. But while it may be icy out there, that’s real­ly no rea­son to hiber­nate. You’re invit­ed to come out and play. Come and vis­it the Cra­dle of Humankind to try out the fol­low­ing five fun things to do this winter.

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Maropeng’s new Stone Park

Maropeng’s beau­ti­ful new Stone Park was care­ful­ly designed to rep­re­sent humanity’s ori­gin sto­ry. Our MD, Michael Worsnip, writes about this con­tem­pla­tive, relax­ing new addi­tion to Maropeng’s grounds.

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Maropeng will be at EduWeek 2018!

Maropeng will be at EduWeek 2018 at the Tick­et­pro Dome next week. We’re look­ing for­ward to dis­cussing the kind of role that her­itage sites like the Cra­dle of Humankind can play in education.

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Treat Dad to a spe­cial day out this Father’s Day

Look­ing for a relax­ing day out with Dad this Father’s Day? We’ve got the per­fect idea for you. Bring him over to the Tumu­lus Restau­rant at Maropeng for a deli­cious Father’s Day buf­fet in a great setting.

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Read­ing the caves: learn­ing about South Africa’s his­to­ry through rock art

Prof. David Lewis-Williams is one of the world’s fore­most experts on rock art. We asked him what cave paint­ings tell us about South Africa’s heritage.

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Maropeng Bou­tique Hotel wins Tri­pAd­vi­sor accolade

The Maropeng Bou­tique Hotel has been award­ed a 2018 Cer­tifi­cate of Excel­lence from trav­el web­site Tri­pAd­vi­sor. The award is based on the pos­i­tive reviews the hotel has received.

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Fos­sil teeth reveal new facts about a mass extinc­tion 260-mil­lion years ago

Around 260-mil­lion years ago, the earth was dom­i­nat­ed by mam­mal-like rep­tiles called ther­a­p­sids. The largest of these ther­a­p­sids were the dinocephalians, a genus com­posed of sev­er­al her­biv­o­rous and car­niv­o­rous species. Then some­thing happened.


Get in touch with South Africa’s her­itage (sites)

South Africa has the sec­ond-high­est num­ber of World Her­itage Sites on the African con­ti­nent. Find out what they are and where they are, and start mak­ing plans to vis­it them. Unesco is offer­ing a great prize for the best picture.

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Enjoy tea, treats and qual­i­ty time this Mother’s Day

Look­ing for a way to spoil Mum this Mother’s Day? Look no fur­ther. We have three great events to choose from. And they come with the chance to win a great prize.

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New Deco Lounge offers a new expe­ri­ence at Sterkfontein

A new events space has been opened at the Sterk­fontein Caves: the Deco Lounge is a unique space in one of the most com­pelling sites in the Cra­dle of Humankind.

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Maropeng through your eyes on Instagram

Some­times fun, some­times thought-pro­vok­ing, always mem­o­rable – we love tak­ing a look at Maropeng through the eyes of our visitors.
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Think­ing aloud: could tox­ic dig­i­tal addic­tion destroy your life?

The dig­i­tal age has many ben­e­fits, but have we con­sid­ered the way increas­ing amounts of screen time affect our health and wellbeing?

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Enjoy some East­er fam­i­ly fun at Maropeng

From a trail run, to the East­er bun­ny to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Par­ty — we have a series of spe­cial treats lined up for you this Easter.

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How a lost African city was recre­at­ed with laser technology

Laser tech­nol­o­gy has been used to redraw’ the remains of a lost city along the Suiker­bostrand hills near Johan­nes­burg. This ground­break­ing research was done by a team from Wits Uni­ver­si­ty. This piece on their find­ings was pub­lished in The Conversation’.

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Meet the First Lady of Maropeng

You’ll find her loung­ing by the pool, cock­tail in hand, and being a gra­cious host to her fam­i­ly of bil­lions. Meet Ma Ropeng – the First Lady of Maropeng.


Foot­print fos­sils sug­gest lizards have been run­ning on two feet for 110m years

Fos­sil bones and skele­tons tend to get most of the atten­tion in palaeon­tol­ogy, but some­times we can learn more about extinct life from the foot­prints long-extinct ani­mals left behind. That’s the case in new research that claims to have found 110m-year-old track­ways of lizards run­ning on two feet (bipedal­ly).


Let’s talk about col­lid­ing stars and the space-time continuum

In the third edi­tion of Maropeng’s Think­ing Aloud” series, we’re explor­ing one of the most fol­lowed astro­nom­i­cal events in the world. Pro­fes­sor Petri Vaisa­nen, direc­tor of the South African Astro­nom­i­cal Obser­va­to­ry, and Jerome Jooste, chair­per­son of the Astro­nom­i­cal Soci­ety of South­ern Africa in Johan­nes­burg, will shed light on a vio­lent merg­er of two neu­tron stars 130-mil­lion light years away, and its implications.

Mrs Ples

Mrs Ples is prob­a­bly Mr Ples after all, research shows

The debate around the gen­der of one of South Africa’s most famous fos­sils has almost cer­tain­ly been set­tled. Mrs Ples, a Plio-Pleis­tocene fos­sil skull of Aus­tralo­p­ithe­cus africanus, is, accord­ing to the lat­est research by top South African researchers, prob­a­bly a young male”.