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Maropeng celebrates World Wetlands Day 2012

Maropeng is committed to sustainability and fostering respect for the environment. Today we celebrate World Wetlands Day, which marks the date of the adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1971.

Greenglobe App

Responsible tourism mobile app now available to green travellers

It’s here – the Apple Green Globe App – and Maropeng is among South Africa’s hottest green tourist attractions looking to benefit from this recently launched app.

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Maropeng celebrates World Environment Day

This month marks the celebration of World Environment Day on June 5 and Maropeng would like to encourage you to take action in preserving the environment.

Earth Day

Maropeng teaches learners about our home planet

For humans the concept of “home” is an important one. Many of us attach deep sentimental value to our homes. We spend hours improving them, tending to them and keeping them clean. We apportion hard-earned money towards furnishing, decorating and “growing” them until they are something we can be proud of and in which we feel more comfortable. We take such good care of our individual shelters that it would make sense to show the same respect for our biggest and most important shared home – our planet. It isn’t just a resource factory, a space to frantically consume and permanently alter at will. It is home.


Greening Maropeng: a group effort

With climate change on the international agenda, everyone from individuals to business leaders is being encouraged to do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint.


Maropeng brings you tips on how to save water

Water is the source of life and each drop precious – that is why we are always advised to use it wisely. March is water awareness month, and the Maropeng Visitor Centre has done some research and found these easy tips and ways to save water.


South Africa’s water crisis: Maropeng takes on the challenge

South Africa faces a major water crisis and the dwindling water supplies in the country have made it crucial to educate the population about water and energy conservation and Maropeng is taking on this challenge.

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Water and the evolution of humankind

Water has shaped our planet, and it has also shaped our species. As we look ahead to changes in the world’s water resources, we should also ask if we fully understand the relationship between water and the evolution of humankind.

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Maropeng celebrates World Wetlands Day 2011

Laura Maggs

Maropeng means “returning to the place of origin” in Setswana – it is a place dedicated to the discovery of our roots and a better understanding of the environment that sustains us. Fostering a respect for the planet, Maropeng makes every effort to remain as environmentally friendly as possible.

Saving the world one carpool at a time

Local weatherman and environmentalist Simon Gear has written an excellent book to help us live greener lives. Going Green: 365 Ways to Change our World is a day-by-day guide to reducing your carbon footprint and leading a more sustainable life.