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Maropeng, the official visitor centre for the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, is currently hosting Long March to Freedom, the largest exhibition of representational bronze sculptures anywhere in the world.

Walter And Albertina Sisulu
Walter and Albertina Sisulu form part of the Long March to Freedom exhibition. (Image: Maropeng)

On 19 March 2019, a new statue will be unveiled at the exhibition by former US ambassador to the UN Andrew Young during his visit to South Africa (here’s a hint – if you have a dream, visit this exhibition to see for yourself).

The Cradle of Humankind is both an area of unrivalled scientific discovery and one of the primary tourism offerings of Gauteng. It has a simple message for the human race: no matter what our differences are – be they race, colour or creed – the most fundamental aspect about the human species is that we are one; that we are bound together by a common ancestry; and that we share a common present and are bound together in a common future.

It is both ironic and historically powerful that the national caretaker of this extraordinary World Heritage Site is South Africa – a country that has experienced the ravages of slavery, colonialism and apartheid; a country that sought to elevate one race above others; and a country that saw its people turn, at the very brink of catastrophe, to forge a new future by shaping a Constitution that protects the rights of every individual.

The Long March to Freedom exhibition represents the extraordinary journey of the South African people in their struggle for freedom and democracy. It was a struggle that was in no way isolated, but relied on a range of contacts and connections across the globe.

The exhibition reflects the interconnected nature of the human spirit. It represents the unquenchable desire of our species to be free. And it showcases the struggle of the individual against the backdrop of a collective narrative of fighting tirelessly against tyranny and oppression.

*Newsflash! Soon to be launched in the Western Cape is a new tourism route – the Cradle of Human Culture – that links the Cradle of Humankind to the earliest human culture. Isn’t it amazing what Africa has given the world? This announcement will be made at the 2019 World Travel Market Africa (WTM). Click here to read more.