Tuberculosis organisation visits Maropeng staff

  • August 18, 2008

The mobile x-ray unit used by Santa

The South African National Tuberculosis Association (Santa) paid a visit to Maropeng last month. They came to screen staff for signs of tuberculosis, a disease that kills 2-million people worldwide every year.

Maropeng management invited the Santa representatives out of a sense of social and corporate responsibility, said Marketing Manager Erica Saunders. “It is an important test to do, not only from a hygiene perspective, as many of our staff work with food, but also to ensure our staff are healthy and happy,” she said.

Staff members were tested on a purely voluntary basis. The test consists of a quick chest x-ray in Santa’s mobile x-ray unit. Though tuberculosis is a serious illness, it can be cured if detected early.

“The test took only about two minutes. I got tested, and so did our Managing Director, Tony Rubin. I recommend it for every company,” continued Saunders.

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