Our dear colleague and friend, Dinaledi Esau. (Image: Supplied)

The team at Maropeng is mourning the loss of a dear friend and colleague, Dinaledi Esau. Dinaledi joined the Maropeng team in 2013 and was a member of the first team of Cradle Ambassadors when the programme was launched in 2017.

“Dinaledi was, as you all know, a wonderful person. Full of life. Full of comments about everything. Full of laughter. Full of compassion,” said Maropeng managing director Michael Worsnip in a message to the team.

“Besides being really good at their job, they were much more than a fellow staff member. They were a groundbreaker. They challenged norms every day of their life. They may have been slight in form, but they were gigantic in their presence.

“When they were in the room, you could never miss them. They were gracious, unapologetic, bold, but also caring and supportive. They knew how to tread the path between being bold and loving. It is a path few people know how to walk. Dinaledi did it with incredible style.

“Maropeng is a quieter and very much less colourful place without Dinaledi. We will always remember our colleague with love and thanks. How could one ever forget Dinaledi?”