Scoop up discounted tickets for Maropeng this holiday season

  • November 10, 2015

Are you planning your activities this holiday season? Have you got guests visiting from out of town or children to entertain? Or are you simply looking for ways to unwind in beautiful surroundings just outside of Johannesburg, while immersing yourself in a rich and ancient history?

Look no further than Maropeng's summer discount special.

This December and January, get 25% off your ticket to the Maropeng Visitor Centre. Adults cost only R120, children* R65, pensioners R65 and students R75 (the latter two will need to produce a valid ID or student card). School groups are also eligible for the discount and can gain entry for only R65. 

This incredible special also applies to the world-famous Sterkfontein Caves. Adults can now enter the caves for R165, children R97, pensioners R85 and students R100 (once again, pensioners and students will need to produce a valid ID and student card). School groups will cost only R90 per scholar.

Of course, the best option, especially considering the fact that you'll got lots of time on your hands, is the combination ticket that includes both Maropeng and Sterkfontein Caves. For this, adults will pay only R190, children R125 and school groups R120 per scholar.

Please keep your proof of payment and order number, and bring both to the Maropeng ticket office or Sterkfontein Caves ticket office to claim your tickets. If your plans change, we will gladly refund you if you provide 48 hours' notice.

Please call us on +27 (0)14 577 9000 to make school bookings.

*Children refers to kids between the ages of four and 18 years old. Children under four gain entry for free

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