The inaugural Cradle Colour Fest at Maropeng’s Stone Park on Monday 24 September was perhaps one of the most vibrant events that the Cradle of Humankind has seen this year. The event was held to mark Heritage Day, South Africa’s annual celebration of the country’s diversity. It also marked the official opening of the newest attraction at Maropeng: Stone Park. Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom did the honours early in the day.

Stone Park was designed and completed by award-winning land­scap­ing firm FSG late last year. It features striking pieces of stone and indigenous plants.

“It struck me that a colour festival is a graphic way of celebrating diversity. As people happily doused each other in the most vibrant colours towards the end of the day, everyone had so much colour on them - they were all the same colour!” said Maropeng’s MD Michael Worsnip.

The event, which ran from 10am to 6pm, saw performances from popular entertainers such as DJ Dino Bravo and Lady Zamar, as well as accomplished up-and-coming artists like DJ Neo Beats and singer Nariska Zietsman.

“That is a celebration of diversity and oneness. Aside from this; people had fun together - people who had never met each other before danced to songs which they had never heard before. Children were playing; people were happy - a good time was had by all,” said Worsnip.

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Lady Zamar takes the stage at the Cradle Colour Fest. (Image: Maropeng)

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