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Maropeng has created a series of Facebook cover images created to inspire awareness of environmental sustainability

Maropeng is looking forward to celebrating World Environment Day on Tuesday, June 5. Passionate about environmental sustainability, Maropeng upholds strict policies designed to lower its carbon footprint and conserve precious resources.

Says Maropeng’s Maintenance Manager, Mark Fouché, “Over the years, we have transitioned from awareness of environmental sustainability to observing good conservation practices.

“Now we are embracing new sustainability technologies. For many, it is a duty to do the right thing – for us, it is an attitude which has saturated the core of our values.”

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is, Green Economy: Does it include you? It’s a theme of particular relevance to the heritage and tourism sectors.

Maropeng strives to educate people about the importance of protecting our planet, while telling the story of humankind’s development through the ages. This role holds much responsibility, and Maropeng recognises the importance of leading the way in providing green solutions to the challenges we face globally.

The United Nations Environment Programme defines “green economy” as “… one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.”

Apart from fulfilling an educational role, Maropeng implements a variety of green solutions – for example, its water conservation technology, including an artificial wetlands system that purifies the site’s water in an efficient and environmentally sensitive way. Earlier this year, the Heritage Environmental Management Company awarded Maropeng a gold certificate of membership for its commitment to sustainable business practices.

Maropeng hopes to continue growing its environmental policies, and raising awareness, to ensure future generations are able to enjoy a sustainable and protected environment.

To celebrate the day and spread awareness of conserving our environment across the globe, Maropeng has created a series of Facebook cover images.

Feel free to use these on your profile and inspire friends to consider their carbon footprint. All images feature landscapes and details from the Maropeng Visitor Centre.