The winter school holidays are upon us!

By now you’ve no doubt ticked off most items on your list of things to do and see with the kids, and very nearly exhausted your holiday budget.

Don’t worry; here at Maropeng, we’re offering families of four a winter holiday special designed with parents (and kids) in mind that will save you a pretty penny or two.

For just R570, we’re offering a family of four a combined ticket deal that includes:

  • Entrance to Maropeng for two adults and two children

  • Entrance to the Sterkfontein Caves for two adults and two children

  • A surprise gift for the kids

Click here to book your tickets.

For any queries, please contact Mmathabo on

Maropeng 22Dec2010 1093 880 586 92 S
Bring the kids to Maropeng – they'll love an excursion into the Sterkfontein Caves

Holiday fun to-do list

There are plenty of other fun-filled and fantastic things to do this holiday – and they don’t have to cost the Earth (literally).

The following activities will help you teach your children about looking after the Earth’s environment and how much fun that can be.

1. Make a bird feeder (and then get bird-spotting)

Nothing says “welcome to my garden, birds” quite like a bird feeder.

Check out this Pinterest board of DIY bird feeder ideas – mostly made out of recycled materials – that are easy to make with the kids.

Also, visit this page to learn about easy-to-make treats for birds.

2. Plant potted cacti

Do you have a few empty tins lying around? Why not transform them into cactus pots?

Here’s how.

Your kids will love making these superb additions to the garden (or home), plus they make great gifts.

3. Start a small herb garden

Making a small herb garden out of recycled plastic bottles is easier than you think.

Plus kids will love playing with soil, planting seeds and getting grubby. Check out this easy-to-make (and portable) herb garden.

4. Clean up your park or play area

Is there a park in your area that you frequent with the kids? How about you grab a few refuse bags and spend the afternoon cleaning and greening the communal space together? Try and get your neighbours and friends involved – many hands make light work.

In the process, teach your kids about picking up litter and caring for the environment.

5. Make household energy-saving reminders

Spend the afternoon creating cardboard plaques and signs from recycled paper that remind the family to save energy. Put signs by each of the light switches in the house, reminding everyone to switch off when they leave the room. Put a sign at each of the taps and basins, reminding everyone in the family to use water sparingly.