Maropeng staff reflected on the meaning of the Cradle of Humankind and came up with these perspectives:

  • Our ancestors’ home, which offers us the chance to take a journey of self-discovery in a place where we can celebrate our past, value our present and shape a sustainable future.
  • An award-winning natural site, with an internationally recognised exhibition that allows us to discover and learn more about the fascinating and entertaining story of humankind.
  • A time machine that allows us to travel back in time and discover how the Earth and its continents were formed.
  • An adventure park where our young children can be thrilled as they take a boat trip through million of years.
  • A place where the “missing link” has been patiently waiting to be discovered for about 2.6-million years and where you can leave your footsteps in a cave that was once home to our mother, Mrs Ples.
  • The birthplace of humanity, where we can preserve our heritage – the Sterkfontein Caves and Maropeng ensure that our history will be carefully preserved and available for generations to come.