It’s as easy to get lost in a good museum as it is to lose yourself in a good book. With so many ancient artefacts to examine, thought-provoking tales to read and scientific wonders to marvel at, a good museum can transport you to strange, sometimes creepy, places. If you’re a museum geek (as many of us are at Maropeng), the thought of exploring this fascinating space at night is even more intriguing.

That’s why we’re holding our first-ever Night at the Museum, just a few days before Halloween.


We’re holding the event from 5pm to 9pm on 28 October, when you’ll be able to explore our massive exhibition space at night, meet our most famous fossils and enjoy some Halloween fun.

To coincide with the spooky theme, we’re setting up a scary exhibition, screening a spooky movie, and preparing some weird and wonderful snacks.

“Museums can certainly be strange, creepy places, because they feature stuff that is way beyond our daily experience,” says Michael Worsnip, Maropeng’s managing director.

“Don’t forget to come dressed up in your Halloween best, and we promise you’ll experience a true ‘night at the museum’ at Maropeng this year. We’ve got tricks that will make you scream, and strange and tasty Halloween treats. One way or another, you will have a great time – there’ll be frights for the whole family!”

We’ve reduced the price of our normal Maropeng exhibition ticket by 50% for this event (the ticket gets you access to our entire exhibition space). Book here.

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