(5) Neo Skeleton Lesedi Chamber

The most com­plete Homo nale­di skele­ton, Neo, was found in the Lese­di Chamber

Even more aston­ish­ing than the recent age of the bones from the Dinale­di Cham­ber is the exis­tence of a sec­ond cham­ber with­in Ris­ing Star Cave that con­tains even more bones belong­ing to Homo nale­di. Dis­cov­ered, once again, by cavers Steven Tuck­er and Rick Hunter in the last days of the Ris­ing Star Expe­di­tion in Novem­ber 2013, this sec­ond site (Site U.W. 102) has been named the Lese­di Cham­ber (mean­ing light” in Setswana). To date, exca­va­tions in this area have recov­ered two adults and an infant, all of which fall with­in the range of vari­a­tion known for Homo nale­di. This mate­r­i­al is still being analysed but it serves to con­firm the new species des­ig­na­tion of Homo nale­di and rein­forces the hypoth­e­sis that this species was, for unknown rea­sons, reg­u­lar­ly using Ris­ing Star as a site to dis­pose of their dead.