What’s happening at Maropeng this November?

  • October 30, 2013

Maropeng’s November line-up of events includes a night of stargazing, an evening with the Bone Detective, and a walking tour and picnic at Swartkrans.

‘The stargazers’ at the Maropeng Hotel
2 November 2013

After dinner, guests are invited to a laser-guided star tour

Join Maropeng’s resident astronomer, Vincent Nettmann, at the Maropeng Hotel on 2 November 2013 for an insightful introduction to the night sky and the world’s first stargazers.

The intimate event includes a discussion about the evolution of astronomy as a science and the concurrent development of the way we now think about the stars and sky above us.

Nettmann’s presentation will feature exquisite images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Event details and itinerary

Age: Adults only
Time: Welcome drinks are served at 18h00
Venue: Maropeng Hotel
Cost: R350 per person (includes presentation, discussion and set dinner menu)

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Please note the laser-guided star tour and large-aperture telescopic stargazing are both subject to weather conditions.

Should you wish to combine this event with a stay at the Maropeng Boutique Hotel, please contact Mmathabo Maine on +27 (0)14 577 9000 or mmathabom@maropeng.co.za.

Bone Detectives
16 November 2013

Get to grips with some fossil and bone casts

Join Maropeng’s resident Bone Detective, Brendon Billings, for an evening of fine dining and a hearty and interactive discussion on the fascinating topic of palaeoanthropology.

After dinner at the Maropeng Hotel restaurant, guests gather in the lounge to enjoy a robust discussion with the Bone Detective and have the opportunity to get to grips with some amazing fossil and bone casts.

Billings is the curator of all collections housed within the School of Anatomical Sciences at Wits Medical School. He is a passionate young man with a special interest in physical anthropology.

He will also include a historical review of pioneers in the field of palaeoanthropology, including a discussion dedicated to Professor Phillip Tobias. "However, certain things will remain the same, such as it being an interactive talk with many practical examples, so no lectures, just fun!" he says.

Event details and itinerary

Age: Adults only
Time: Welcome drinks are served at the Maropeng Hotel at 18h00
Venue: Maropeng Hotel
Cost: R375 per person, which includes welcome drinks, a three-course set menu and the presentation.

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Swartkrans Walking Tour
23 November 2013

The Swartkrans Walking Tour

Swartkrans is one of the Cradle's richest fossil sites and is usually closed to the public. But on these walking tours, small groups have a rare opportunity to observe an active palaeontological dig and will be guided around the site by scientist Dr Morris Sutton, who is currently excavating there.

Swartkrans has yielded the largest sample of Paranthropus robustus to date. It is also the discovery site of the earliest evidence of the use of controlled fire in Southern Africa, dating back 1-million years.

Event details and itinerary

Age: Adults only
Time: 09h00
Venue: Meet at the Sterkfontein Caves with Dr Morris Sutton before walking to Swartkrans
Cost: The cost of the tour is R375 per person and includes a light picnic lunch.

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Please note that this tour will only go ahead if there are a minimum of seven people booked.

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