Sterkfontein Caves voted one of top 50 places to go in SA

  • August 08, 2011

A recent survey conducted by Toyota’s Zone Magazine saw the now legendary Sterkfontein Caves coming in as one of the top 50 places to go in the country with a Toyota. The survey took place as part of Toyota’s upcoming 50th birthday, and considering its age in the grander evolutionary scheme of things the brand can be considered a mere infant really when taking into account that scientists have discovered many hominid and animal fossils, dating back more than 4-million years, to the birth of humanity within the caves.

An hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria situated in Maropeng the official visitors centre for The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, the caves are world famous for their fossil finds and a well-known visitor destination. After an extensive face-lift in 2005, they are now home to a top restaurant and conferencing facilities. Access into the caves has been improved and there are new walkways and a boardwalk past the excavation site where world-acclaimed fossils have been discovered.

The new scientific exhibition centre showcases a reconstruction of a mined cave (versus that of a pristine cave), cave formations and geology, early life forms, and mammal and hominid fossils, among other topics. It also describes in detail important finds such as Mrs Ples, the Taung Child and Little Foot, and provides fascinating information about fossilisation, palaeobotany and landscapes.

It is a family outing not to be missed and if you can’t make it there in a Toyota, get there in whatever means you can for a fun and educational excursion or weekend away.

Compiled on behalf of Maropeng by Cathy Findley Public Relations.
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