Something to smile about – Salamina Mogwase

  • November 22, 2009

When Salamina Mogwase applied for a housekeeping job at Maropeng four years ago, she didn’t realise that this was where she would finally find her place in the world.

Salamina works as a housekeeper for the Maropeng Hotel – though she does not consider it work. “I love cleaning, it makes me happy,” she explains.

Incredibly humble in her approach Salamina says she would not be where she is today without the help of her fellow housekeepers, who she describes as family more than co-workers.

“They taught me how to do my job,” she says. “We work together as a team because we love each other.”


The team is there through good and bad, making each day that little bit better, explains Salamina. “It’s hard when there are a lot of rooms to get through, but then we laugh together and that makes our job easier.

“Sometimes when we’re alone I think, ‘How I am going to finish?’ But the strength of our team makes me say, ‘We’re going to finish the job’,” she says confidently.

When asked what she enjoys about her job, Salamina smiles and replies enthusiastically that she loves seeing different faces every day. A highlight was when she got to meet Queen from Generations – an experience she describes as simply amazing.

But the greatest gift Salamina believes Maropeng has given her is the ability to provide for her family. “It makes my life better to be able to earn and look after my kids,” she says.

Her job has also given her a thorough education in how to deal with her “naughty” children.

“My job gives me good tips – my kids are always making a mess,” she laughs.

Maropeng food and beverage manager Patrick Mutavhatsindi speaks fondly of Salamina: “She is very quiet and very hard working. She is always the one to volunteer to go and work in other departments. Salamina goes the extra mile – she puts everything into her job.”

Salamina loves her work. When asked about the most important thing Maropeng has taught her, her response is heartfelt. “Maropeng, you have taught me a lot of things that I can give to my kids,” she says, “the best one being how to smile.”

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