Meet the First Lady of Maropeng

  • February 23, 2018 | Thrishni Subramoney

Those familiar with our Facebook page may have spotted this especially fabulous post this week:

This is the first time many of you are meeting "Ma Ropeng", so we convinced her to do an interview with us so you can get to know her better.

Tell us about yourself – who is Ma Ropeng?

I am a direct descendent of the first people who settled in the Cradle area (where evidence of humankind's origins can be found) – that makes me the de facto mom, or relative, to over 7.6-billion family across the globe. Awesome, neh?

Keeping fit is a family thing. (Image: Maropeng)

Very awesome indeed. So, what’s your favourite thing about your beautiful home?

Ooohhh, so many things. The stunning Maropeng Boutique Hotel and its pool – with a delicious cocktail in hand – would have to be my ultimate. And the views are to die for!

True story. Did we see you on a run through Maropeng the other day? Is that your favourite thing to do around here?

Who’s asking? Maybe ... well, definitely one of them. I just love the 5km myrun, on which I meet long-long-lost family members. Isn't it nice that they're all coming together to keep fit? And coming soon, I hear, you get points from Discovery Vitality for having all this fun (definite winner!). You are aware of the Easter Sunday fun trail run coming up, right?

Yes, we’ve heard you've got big plans for Easter. What does it involve?

Easter is a time for family, so I have some very special things planned for you all over the Easter weekend. There's a lunch buffet at the Tumulus Restaurant, a Mad Hatter's party at the hotel, and even an Easter egg hunt for the small ones. You can read all about it in my blog, and RSVP here. Now, when you're having family over, it takes time to prepare and plan, so please let me know if I can expect you! You can email my friend, Bubi Mogoane, who takes care of all the reservations. Her email address is

Follow Ma Ropeng on Instagram and check out her blog, Maropeng Family.

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