Maropeng: more than just a job for Nurse Monnana

  • November 08, 2009

Nurse Monnana, a housekeeper at the Maropeng Hotel, is full of ambition.

When she joined Maropeng as a scullery maid in 2005, Nurse worked hard to prove herself. In 2006, when Maropeng Hotel opened, she was one of many who welcomed guests to the new establishment.

Nurse’s hard work has paid off – today she is a supervisor at the establishment.

“I enjoy everything about my job,” she says.

Teamwork is very important to Nurse; without it she believes the job won’t get done. Helping her fellow workers is as important – she likes to get the job done right first time round.


“I like working as part of a team, it makes the work go quickly,” she explains.

Nurse is proud of her job and tells anyone she can about what she does for a living. “Many people think that housekeeping is not a job, but this is a good job,” she says.

Nurse’s ambition drives her to improve herself in any way she can. If Maropeng offers a course to its staff, she signs up. Last year, she completed a Level 1 qualification in accommodation management – and she’s got the certificate to prove it, she says proudly.

The courses she completes give her the opportunity to climb the career ladder. “They [Maropeng] will promote me one day,” she says. “One day, I’ll be in an office.”

Nurse goes on to explain that Maropeng has helped her become who she is today. “I’ve learnt things that I can use for many years to come,” she says. “Maropeng has improved me; they give me so many opportunities.”

Maropeng food and beverage manager Patrick Mutavhatsindi describes Nurse as full of enthusiasm. “She is so energetic about her job – this has got her far,” he says. “She is a person who gels nicely with everyone. She believes in diversity and is always willing to accommodate everyone.”

Nurse’s cheerful demeanour and booming laugh make her well liked among her colleagues. As she says proudly, “I am the celebrity at Maropeng – everyone likes me!”

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