Maropeng an ideal destination for sustainable travellers

  • September 05, 2011

The tourism trade has a new breed of traveller, the sustainable traveller. What exactly is this new kind of traveller you may ask, who are they and what do they want? This niche market was recently defined by the international CMIGreen Traveller Study after research was conducted on the purchasing habits, travel behaviour, environmental commitment, expectations and motivations of 1, 736 self-defined, eco-conscious travellers. The study aims to provide information about this increasingly important niche segment and how stakeholders within the travel and hospitality industry can best serve their interests. 

According to the study 5% of travellers acted on their environmental concerns while travelling. Specific green travel practices were up across the board over the previous survey with 85% saying they had turned off the lights when they left the room, and over 75% saying they had recycled and used their towels and sheets more than once. There was a 7.5% increase in the number who said they “researched and booked greener accommodations” and almost 4% more offset the impact of their travel. There was also a more than 8% increase in the number of travellers saying they would most likely go on a greener holiday within the next year.

Proudly green and an ambassador for responsible tourism in South Africa, award-winning tourist attraction Maropeng is sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to being considered a sustainable destination.

Mark Fouché, environmental and maintenance manager at Maropeng, says, “From the start, Maropeng has been environmentally focussed and we are continuously looking at innovative ways to reduce our wastage. Maropeng’s Heritage Environmental status is currently silver and we are engaged in a strategy to achieve gold status. The process is intensive but we are committed to making it a reality.”

Maropeng welcomes more than 250 000 visitors to the Cradle of Humankind each year and is continuously setting the green standard for other businesses and industries with its pro-active environmental responsibility programme and dedicated teams who strive to keep the environment clean and sustainable. From careful recycling and consistently making sure the area is waste-free, to water conservation technology and training staff in the ways of being eco-friendly, Maropeng is the perfect choice for the discerning ‘green traveller’.

Compiled on behalf of Maropeng by Cathy Findley Public Relations.
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Nicolle Kairuz
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