We love connecting with you, so this #FossilFriday we’ve decided to do something a little different! Join our #FossilFriday live Twitter chat to talk about your favourite stones, bones and the fascinating stories around them. 💀

Maropeng Twitter Fossilfriday 2


Q1. When did you first see a fossil? #FossilFriday

Q2. Which is your favourite fossil? #FossilFriday

Q3. What do you think the purpose of museums is? #FossilFriday

Q4. What are your earliest and most recent museum memories? #FossilFriday

Bonus question: Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park?

How to take part in our #FossilFriday Twitter chat

We’ll pose the questions above on Twitter at 15-minute intervals between 4pm and 5pm (South African Standard Time) on 29 May 2020.

Post your answers and get involved in the conversation.

Use the hashtag #FossilFriday in all your tweets during the Twitter chat so others can engage with your answers.

Your hosts will be @MaropengSA and our curator, @Keneiloe.