• April 04, 2012


Were all the fossils discovered in Gauteng? 

No, the site is in Kwa- Zulu Natal

Which is the oldest fossil?

The plant bedding material dates back over 70 000 years, there are also stone tools on display which are also around this age

Which institutes discovered them?  

Wits University

How do you know where to look for fossils?  

It depends on what you are looking for, this site was inhabited by humans as such an excavation was done. 

Are you a palaeontologist? what does your daily work entitle?

No I am not, my role involves liaising between academic institutions and ourselves and presenting South Africa’s prehistoric time in an exciting and engaging manner

Why do you feel it is necessary for the people of South Africa to have somewhere where they can see these fossils?

It is important to understand our rich and ancient heritage

Do these fossils make a huge impact on tourism in South Africa?

 It is a dynamic and growing attraction

How valuable are these fossils? Why should we preserve them? Are they tourist attractions?

Very valuable in terms of what they tell us about our past and how we as modern humans today developed over time

Is there, according to you, a great demand or interest from the people around the world in the history of South Africa?

If not, why do you feel it's important that there should be?  It is an ever growing demand.

 If people go to Maropeng, are you available to take them through the fossil display at any time or do you have specific scheduled time for people to come if they want the to be tour led by you? 

The public can either do the tour themselves or join a guided tour this includes the original fossil display. Anything else you would like to add is welcomed.

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