Kids take a trip back in time at Maropeng’s Visitor Centre

  • September 01, 2011

Prehistoric humans, fossils and a glimpse of Earth thousands of years ago kept the learners of St. Paulus enthralled as they recently toured Maropeng’s Visitor Centre.

Maropeng, in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind, offers exciting tours and accommodation for school goers of all ages. Each guided tour at the Visitor Centre takes roughly an hour to complete and can accommodate groups of 35 children.

The learners of St. Paulus began their journey of discovery of the origins of humankind with an introduction to Maropeng and its major themes of evolution, diversity, sustainability and the unique characteristics of being human. They then descended into the depths of the Earth taking a boat ride back in time through the four elements – earth, air, fire and water. They then entered a swirling vortex, before emerging in front of Earth projected on a giant globe, and saw how the continents as we know them today came to be.

Next they enjoyed the large interactive zone where some of the science relating to the study of evolution is demonstrated in fun, giant displays including the formation of fossils, DNA, and life on Earth. The next section highlighted various species in hominid evolution. These include our earliest relations. The tour ended with an original fossil display.

“It was exciting having the learners in our Visitor Centre,” says Magel van de Venter Education Marketing Executive from Maropeng. “To see them enjoying the interactive display and intrigued with the fossils is always great fun.”

Principal Madeleen Gorst-Allman of St Paulus says; “ What a privilege it is for our children to be part of the intersection of present and past as they move into the future. Their Head of Department, Lizette Baker commented that it was as if their textbooks had come alive.”

Maropeng is a stone’s throw from the Sterkfontein Caves and schools can book for the Maropeng Tour which covers the Visitor Centre as well as the Sterkfontein Cave tours. These can be booked as stand alones or as a combination tour at a discounted rate.

“It’s great to know that these learners walk away with a richer understanding of our past. I know that our next generation of young palaeo-scientists will come from these school tour groups and it encourages me to see them leaving our Centre feeling proud and inspired and above all having had lots of fun!” concludes van de Venter.

Compiled on behalf of Maropeng by Cathy Findley Public Relations.
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