Keep our country clean, says Harry the Hominid

  • May 14, 2014

Harry the Hominid says keep South Africa clean

Our country's natural beauty is spoilt when people carelessly dump their rubbish. Not only does litter look ugly, but it's also unhealthy for the environment, says Maropeng’s official spokeshominid, Harry.

According to Harry the Hominid, litter harms the environment by poisoning animals and plants, dirtying our surroundings, and polluting the country’s water and soil systems.

“Rubbish on streets, whether it is dropped on purpose or falls out of an overfull dustbin, ends up polluting our water systems. From the street, bits of litter are washed or blown into stormwater drains. As the water from the stormwater drains feeds into larger systems, the litter continues to pollute rivers and dams, and becomes an environmental hazard for water creatures and plants,” he says.

So what can we do to solve the problem?

Harry explains that litter is about attitude – it’s the result of a person’s behaviour and belief. We can all help win the no-litter challenge by changing the way we behave, every single one of us.

Litter starts with the action of a single person, when someone throws their fast-food containers or cold drink cans or bottles out of a car or taxi window. Dropping sweet papers, tissues, packets, plastic bags or other rubbish while walking, is also littering.

"The solution also starts with the action of a single person – you! We need to stop littering and also teach others not to litter so we can all contribute towards keeping our environment clean and healthy," says Harry.

Harry’s tips on how to keep our country beautiful

  • Use a litter bag in your car or on buses or taxis. Don’t throw rubbish out the window

  • Always put your rubbish in a proper container, such as a dustbin. If there isn't one available, keep your rubbish until you find one

  • If you have municipal refuse removal in your area, put your rubbish out for collection as close to pick-up time as possible. Make sure the bags are closed properly so that wind or animals don’t scatter rubbish everywhere

  • Support community clean-ups, recycling programmes and other efforts to reduce litter. If there aren't any recycling projects currently running in your neighbourhood, start one! 

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