Harry’s tips to turn your birthday party into an eco-friendly event

  • September 12, 2014

Harry the Hominid

Children of today are more environmentally aware and, with a little guidance from teachers, the media and parents, they will happily do their bit to protect our planet, says Harry the Hominid, Maropeng’s spokeshominid.

“A birthday party is one of those occasions where you can truly capture children’s imagination, so use this opportunity to teach them that small changes can go a long way in lowering our carbon footprint,” he says.

Think of all the unnecessary rubbish a birthday party accumulates – from the invitations and wrapping paper to the balloons and party packs. By making a few environmentally friendly choices, you’ll save money and protect the environment. 

Here are a few tips from Harry to consider for your next party:


  • Choose an environmentally friendly theme, such as an insect treasure hunt. You and your friends can walk around a park with a list of bugs you need to spot in order to win a prize (an eco-friendly prize, of course). 
  • Instead of sending out paper invitations, consider creating an electronic invitation, which you can email to everyone. An alternative is to write the invitations on plantable seed paper. Once your guests are finished with the invitation, they simply plant them in the garden and watch their flowers grow.
  • Incorporate party games that have no impact on the environment like musical chairs, hide-and-seek or a game of hot potato. Wrap the prize in recycled paper.
  • Traditional birthday decor can be a real eco-hazard. Replace balloons, paper hats, etc. with decorative items you find at home. You can also use crayons and paint to make party decorations. This works wonderfully with an old sheet – you can decorate with pictures and messages for the birthday child and you’ll not only have an intriguing tablecloth, but a treasured keepsake too!
  • Eliminate the need for paper plates and utensils by providing a buffet of finger foods … and don’t be afraid to include fruits and vegetables. Not all party food has to provide a sugar rush.
  • Replace plastic or disposable cups with old jam jars. Have a bunch of pretty, seasonal flowers on hand and once guests are finished with their drinks, let them fill the jars with flowers – a great alternative to an expensive party pack.
  • Another alternative to the traditional party pack is to give a gift that keeps on giving, such as seeds or small plants in clay pots. Instead of providing a bag full of sweets and a cheap plastic toy, this would be a gift that your friends will enjoy for a long time to come.

“You see, even small changes can make a difference and in a time of bigger, better, louder, we can all make the effort to step lightly on our beautiful Planet Earth,” says Harry.

With a focus on sustainability and treasuring our past as a path to our future, Maropeng is the ideal venue for your special function. Each event is tailor-made to your exact requirements.

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