Harry the Hominid’s green tips for the festive season

  • December 12, 2014

Think green before you buy this festive season. We only have one earth and everything we do impacts on the state of our planet. As the festive season approaches and people go on holiday, party up a storm and exchange gifts, consider the earth before you rush out to spend your hard-earned bonus. 

There are many ways to enjoy a green festive season. Think about how you can do your bit to preserve our planet for future generations. 

Save electricity and braai instead of slaving over a hot stove

I have 12 tips to help you have a planet-friendly holiday:

  • Instead of buying a Christmas tree, decorate a plant in your house or a tree growing in your garden
  • Don’t buy decorations; get your children to make ornaments using recycled paper, plastic bottles, bottle tops and brightly-coloured material or wool
  • If you are going to decorate your house with festive lights, buy LED ones – they use less electricity than standard lights
  • When hosting people, light candles to create a lovely, initimate atmosphere
  • Take advantage of the weather and braai instead of slaving over a hot stove
  • Ditch the wrapping paper and gift bags and buy a reusable bag to put gifts in
  • Buy gifts at markets that sell locally produced goods 
  • Give a gift that lasts; plants and potted herbs are a great idea
  • Don’t buy battery-operated toys; batteries are expensive and causes harm to the environment if not disposed of responsibly
  • Recycle your glass bottles, take them to a bottle bank or use them as vases. Glass containers with wide necks can also be used to put gifts in
  • Use grey water to water your garden
  • Don't throw away food; use your imagination to come up with new recipe ideas using leftovers

With just a little thought going green need not be a difficult lifestyle choice. You can enjoy the season, save money and do your bit toward saving the planet. 

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