Hard work and mussel power get Maropeng chef ahead – Kenosi Mosito

  • February 03, 2009

The first time Kenosi Mosito, Commis Chef at the Maropeng Hotel, saw mussels was when she had to prepare them for hotel guests. “I was very excited because I didn’t know there were such things. I tasted one with some dressing and had to chew it for a long time before I could swallow,” she says.

Learning new things is something Kenosi does every day as she prepares food for the hotel restaurant. It is also what she enjoys most about her job. “I work hard and I’m learning lots,” she says with a shy smile.

Kenosi began working at Maropeng in November 2005. “A lady working at Sterkfontein told me that Maropeng needed people. I gave them my CV and was very lucky because, out of 500 people, I got the job,” she says modestly.


Maropeng Hotel Commis Chef Kenosi Mosito

Lindsay Marshall, Curator and Human Resources Manager at Maropeng, is full of praise for Kenosi, who started in a junior position and has grown in her role. “Kenosi is very enthusiastic and always ready to learn,” says Lindsay, “to the point that her ability has been recognised and she has been put on a one-year professional chef programme.”

“She is always bubbly and prepared to go the extra mile for guests,” continues Lindsay. “There is a great future anticipated for Kenosi – she has all the potential to get to an accredited chef level.”

Kenosi’s dream is to become Head Chef one day and to teach junior chefs. “I will teach them to work hard,” she says, “like I am doing now.”

The eldest of seven children, all raised by a single mother, and now the mother of an eight-year-old daughter, Kenosi understands the meaning of hard work. “I am so proud of my mother,” she says. “I hope my daughter is proud of me too.”

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