Food & Beverage at Maropeng

  • February 01, 2012

Patrick Mutavhatsindi - Food & Beverage Manager at Maropeng to be quoted

Please give an example/s of the produce that Maropeng sources locally i.e. what vegetables, fruit, meat poultry etc?

Herbs (Kazi Farm), Eggs (Magalies Farm Eggs), Milk (Ethada Dairy), Cold Meat (Magalies Meat Butchery), Fruit & Vegetables (Fruit & Veg City) 

Please mention the location of the farms from where the products are sourced and what measures they have in place to guarantee sustainability.

Between 15 kms – 35kms, within Magalies and Cradle of Humankind area.

Quantity / percentage wise how much of the food made in the various kitchens and on the menus is sourced locally?

Approximately 65%

Does Maropeng make-use of seasonal menus? If so, give some examples of some of the popular or 4-star dishes that you serve.

No seasonal menus.

With regards to your cooking oil how much of this is disposed of per week and the amount of biodiesel or soap that results from this. Does Maropeng buy or make use of this recycled soap in any way?

30 liters of oil are used per week. We are not using the recycled soap. Out of every 20 liters of used oil they get 16 liters of clean oil and send it to the manufacturer for biodiesel & soap.

Apart from recycling initiatives what other green initiatives have you implemented in your restaurants and kitchens eg. paper serviettes, plates in restaurants. Gas in the kitchens etc.

We are using biodegradable take away cups, teaspoons, forks, knives and plates. Using refillable Spirit Jelly. Stoves are switched off when not in use.

What do you do with the leftover food each day? Does it go to staff or local communities?

We serve staff.

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