Five fun facts about the Maropeng tour

  • February 12, 2016

Here are just a couple of highlights you can expect from a tour of the visitor centre at Maropeng:

It starts with a boat ride

All aboard!

You may be underground, inside a building located on the highveld, but that's no reason not to take a boat ride, right? The Maropeng tour starts with a unique trip that depicts the history of the planet, via a series of waterways.

It's trippy

Proceed with caution! Photo courtesy of Steve Rogers

Take a walk through the rotating vortex to get a new perspective on how our senses can be tricked, and how things are not always as they seem. It's like being inside a black hole, but without the atomic disintegration.

It's interactive

Our exhibits are geared for all ages

You'll learn new and fascinating facts about the history of the Earth and the origin of our species through interactive exhibits, videos, displays and fun activities.

You'll meet your hominin ancestors

Meet the extended family! See full-scale models depicting how early humans looked.

You'll get to see real fossils

Apart from human fossils, the Magaliesburg area has also revealed fossils of other large beasts that once roamed the ancient African veld. Check them out in our special Beasts of the Cradle exhibit, near the end of the Maropeng tour.

Ready to visit? Check out our admissions page for opening times and ticket prices.

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