Explore our summer skies at our monthly stargazing

  • December 05, 2016

Our monthly stargazing event, and the final event for the year, will be taking place on Saturday, 10 December.

This month, with the solstice just around the corner, we’ll be taking a look at our summer skies.

We will discuss the Pleiades at our final stargazing of the year. (Image: Ralph W)

We'll be paying particularly close attention to the Taurus-Orion region, one of the best areas of the sky to start your astronomical journey. The Great Orion Nebula is a vast cloud of dust and gas, a “stellar nursery”, where recently four hot young stars were formed. We'll be discussing and exploring the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades, an open cluster consisting of about 480 infant stars; Rigel, a huge young blue giant star burning its nuclear fuels at a very fast rate; and Betelgeuse, a red giant star that is 10-billion years old and coming to the end of its life.

Discover some amazing facts about the fascinating lifecycles of the stars as we take a last look at our summer skies for this season with our resident astronomer Vincent Nettman.

We encourage our guests to bring binoculars to participate in a beginners' laser-guided sky tour. Large aperture telescopes will be available, however, and, subject to weather conditions, guests will have the opportunity to observe the skies through these lenses.


18h00: Arrive for welcome drinks at the Tumulus restaurant
18h30: Enjoy a stargazing presentation
19h30: Dinner at the restaurant. Stargazing through our telescopes will take place after dinner

What to bring

In addition to your own binoculars, if you have them, bring a warm jacket as the evenings can be chilly.


If it is raining or overcast the talk and dinner will still take place but not the stargazing through the telescopes.

Grab your tickets today for this this final event of the year.

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