Cradle of Humankind: where I’d rather be

  • March 09, 2009

The following article was written by Samson Mqwati, a Maropeng boat ride operator:

People from all over the world are anticipating the long Easter weekend. Plans have been set, plane tickets are already bought and seats guaranteed. People will be travelling to places of their choice. Different churches and religions will be gathering in multitudes for their annual worship as Easter is that time of the year when many want to get in touch with their innermost person and desires to have that spiritual fulfilment.

This year’s Easter will create memories, some good and some bad. Let me take this moment to tell you of a more fulfilling way to celebrate your Easter, a celebration that will open your eyes and answer the questions you have always pondered in your heart.

Your Easter can be different as you can celebrate it in a way that will put you in touch with that person you have always wanted to know better – you. This year you could enjoy your Easter in a way you have never before.

In the beautiful country of South Africa, 45 minutes from Johannesburg and 45 minutes from Pretoria, surrounded by the charming Magaliesberg Mountains, lies a place called Maropeng (A Tswana word meaning “returning to your place of origin”). Visiting Maropeng will help you answer your questions relating to your existence on this world.

At Maropeng we will take you back to a time where it all began, to a time when the human species originated. Embark on a journey of discovery. Allow us to take you on a one-of-a-kind boatride, which passes through the important life-giving elements of water, fire, air and earth. After the boatride, you will journey through a black hole and back to where time began…

One of our qualified guides will take you through our exhibition where I believe you will never walk out and be the same. Allow us to entertain your little ones by taking them through the Kiddies’ Cave.

Come celebrate Easter, come to Maropeng!

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