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Buy your admission tickets to Maropeng and/or the Sterkfontein Caves online and we’ll give you 10% off the price for all 2015 tickets!

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It’s safe to say that without the discovery of fire, you would not be reading this. Learning how to harness this energy was immensely important for humankind – just stop for a minute and think where we might be without… Read more

We have a a stargazing feast for your eyes, a murder mysterious feast for your brain and a regular feast for your tastebuds on at Maropeng this November.

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Travel is a wonderful way to have new experiences, learn new things and to broaden your mind, however, as concern for environment heightens, it’s important for tourists and travellers to ensure this beautiful blue globe stays as beautiful as it… Read more

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“Palaeontologists study animal and plant fossils; palaeoanthropologists study prehistoric culture and the anatomy of hominids and the environment in which they lived; archaeologists study material cultural remains (such as artifacts) of ancient peoples; palaeoecologists study ancient climates by analysing plant and fossil remains.”

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