Join the call for better road signage to Maropeng

  • January 28, 2009

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, good signage to Maropeng is critical – and the existing signage is completely inadequate.

Maropeng has been inundated with complaints from people who either have not been able to find the visitors’ centre, or have wasted hours driving around looking for it.

Unfortunately, Maropeng is not able to rectify the signage issue of their own accord – it is up to the relevant provincial government authorities. We have requested additional signage through the official channels but have not had much joy. We have therefore started a petition which will be presented to the appropriate authorities.

In just over a week, we have already collected over 140 signatures. There is also space to leave a comment if you would like to share your own experience or opinion.

Here are some of the comments already submitted:

“I came to SA in 1980 and found road signage inadequate and misleading. Now, nearly 30 years later the situation is as bad as it ever was. If you are a visitor (whether SA born or not) to any part of SA, you can almost guarantee you WILL get lost due to bad signage.” - Colleen Yeates

“Clear and accurate signage is essential for visitors to Maropeng. There is plenty of signage on the route for Sun City, why not Maropeng?” - C.R. Stockton

“In 2007 I’ve visited Maropeng, but it took us a very long time to get there! Because there were no signs, we drove around for more than 2 hours before we finally arrived. We asked people by the road, but many didn’t know where we had to go. Because we had to go to the airport later that day, we had very little time to visit the caves. I hope you will get enough sigs for the petition. I would love to come back some day, not having to search half a day for Maropeng!” -  Christel van der Pijl, The Netherlands

With 2010 less than a year away, it is critical that this problem is rectified as soon as possible. It would be very sad if international visitors were to miss out on Maropeng simply because it is difficult to find.

Please help us by signing our petition.

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