Images: Maropeng plants food garden at Maloney’s Eye School

At Maropeng, Maloney’s Eye Primary School is close to everyone’s heart.

Located in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, Maloney’s Eye Primary is where over 300 children from poverty-stricken backgrounds come to learn, despite facing almost insurmountable social challenges.

The staff members at Maropeng have proudly witnessed how, over the years, the school’s reputation as a quality learning institution has grown, thanks in part to Maropeng’s support. Today Maloney’s Eye Primary is a place where children from destitute homes are welcomed and encouraged to learn.

Magel van de Venter, Maropeng’s education and marketing executive, has worked closely with Maloney’s Eye for many years now – it’s largely due to her efforts that the pupils have decent facilities, a fully functional kitchen, jungle gyms to play on, and, as of Friday 9 May, a food garden.