Maropeng exhibition

The self guided exhibition in the distictive Tumulus building is highly interactive and enjoyable, and will engage visitors of all ages.

Lifelike replicas of hominids remind us of the path humanity has taken

Maropeng’s exhibitions deal with fascinating topics, designed in eye-catching displays

The restaurant at the top of the Tumulus building has a spectacular view of the Magaliesberg

Browse through the interactive displays at Maropeng Visitor Centre

Maropeng’s displays are meticulously researched and make complex subjects easy to understand

Watch volcanoes erupting and travel through an iceberg on the boat ride

Learn about how the Earth was born, 4.6-billion years ago

A exhilarating boat ride takes visitors through the four classical elements: earth, air, fire and water

The models of hominids are an especially popular part of the exhibition at Maropeng

Maropeng is packed with exhibitions about the journey of humanity

Meet our experienced chefs

The exhibitions at Maropeng are housed inside the Tumulus building

The exhibition at the Maropeng Visitor Centre

The Maropeng Visitor Centre is an exciting, world-class exhibition, focusing on the development of humans and our ancestors over the past few million years.

On arrival, you will see a massive burial mound called the Tumulus, which is your entrance to learning the secrets of our ancestry.

Adventure: Tour 2500m² of exhibits with an underground boat ride.

Award winning: Winner of the 2008 Tourist Attraction category at the South African Tourism Welcome Awards and many others. To read more about the awards Maropeng has received, click here.

Intriguing: See fossils, learn about how humankind was born, view stone tools up to 1-million years old, and much more.

Interactive: Ideal for children, the Maropeng Visitor Centre is self-guided and highly interactive.

Get the most out of the Cradle: Combination tickets are available for visitors who want to see the Sterkfontein Caves as well.

Visitor Information

Opening times

Maropeng 09h00 - 17h00 every day

(Please note that Maropeng will be closed on Thursday, 26 July 2018 for a private event) 

Sterkfontein Caves 09h00 - 17h00 every day

Rates and specials


Adults: R120 | Children (under 18): R65
Children under 4: free
Pensioners: R65 (for both sites)
Students: R75
School groups: R65 per pupil

Sterkfontein Caves

Adults: R165 | Children (under 18): R97
Children under 4: free
Pensioners: R65 (for both sites)
Students: R100
School groups: R90 per pupil

Combination ticket

Adults: R190 | Children (under 18): R125

Pensioners: R65 

School groups: R120 per pupil

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Please note: No pets are allowed at Maropeng and Sterkfontein. Service dogs and guide dogs are the exception

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