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September is Clean-up SA Month which means our focus is once again on staying green, recycling and saving our beautiful planet. Talk about saving the environment often becomes so emotionally charged and the scale of the problem is so enormous… Read more

Cradlestone Mall has become home to Maropeng’s hairy ambassador, Harry the Hominid, for the month of September, highlighting the Cradle’s rich heritage during Heritage Month.

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Where better to spend Heritage Day than at Maropeng, the visitor centre in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site? Bring your friends and family along – for the whole day adults and children get 25% off the combination ticket… Read more

With its picturesque surroundings (the vision of a tumulus mound emerging from hills of abundant flora), epic landscape and outstanding fossil exhibition, Maropeng is an Instagrammer’s dream. Here visitors can learn about humankind’s journey to the present as they interact… Read more

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New fossil display - Wits' 90th anniversary

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“Palaeontologists study animal and plant fossils; palaeoanthropologists study prehistoric culture and the anatomy of hominids and the environment in which they lived; archaeologists study material cultural remains (such as artifacts) of ancient peoples; palaeoecologists study ancient climates by analysing plant and fossil remains.”

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